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Cloud web hosting plans


1 Core

1 GB

25 GB NVMe Cloud

500 000


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2 Cores

2 GB

50 GB NVMe Cloud

1 000 000


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4 Cores

4 GB

100 GB NVMe Cloud

1 500 000


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6 Cores

6 GB

150 GB NVMe Cloud

2 000 000


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8 Cores

8 GB

200 GB NVMe Cloud

2 500 000


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10 Cores

10 GB

250 GB NVMe Cloud

3 000 000


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*Prices reflect discount on cloud hosting plans first term

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Build websites and apps on a cloud platform that scales

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Manage your websites and applications in a snap

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Advanced features for your websites and applications

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Professional and secure email with a custom identity

The complete cloud hosting solution

Redundancy, performance and protection integrated

Secure and accelerate your websites and applications within minutes by hosting on CrocWeb Cloud. Instantly turn on performance and security services for your websites and applications.

Combined with our award-winning support team always available to help.

Global CDN

WAF Defense

Server Failover

Data Replication

LiteSpeed Cache

10 Tbps
DDoS Protection

Malware Scan

Technical Support

Intelligent Cloud Platform

Smart Cloud Hosting

CrocWeb Cloud provides high availability and uptime for your websites, apps and emails by using a fully distributed and redundant architecture.

Data is replicated to multiple servers in the cloud. In the event of a hardware failure, your websites and applications will come back online on a new server automatically.

Faster than Apache and Nginx

LiteSpeed Web Server

Accelerate content and application delivery by hosting your websites and apps on CrocWeb Cloud. Our cloud web hosting plans include LiteSpeed Enterprise, a secure and high-speed web server that can serve content faster than Apache and Nginx.

Improve static and dynamic content performance and reduce page load time by using LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress and many more applications.

Migrate to CrocWeb Cloud

Free Website Migration

Migrating data from your existing web hosting provider can appear to be an overwhelming task, let our migration experts do all the hard work for you.

Our migration specialists can transfer your websites and applications for free to the CrocWeb Cloud ensuring no downtime or service interruptions throughout the entire process.

Free 10 Tbps DDoS Protection

Protect websites and apps from DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are attempts to disrupt a website, application, service, server and network by overwhelming it with a flood of Internet traffic. CrocWeb Cloud and global network with a capacity of 10 Tbps provides near-instant mitigation and automatically filters malicious traffic to ensure websites, apps and servers stay online.

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